Opportunities for suppliers and
manufacturers of tooling and workpieces
We offer services to manufacturers and suppliers of blanks, machine tools and machine tools
  • Adding your products to the I5.Solutions global catalog

    Our clients actively use the I5.Solutions Platform to search for suitable machines, fixtures, tools and workpieces. Become an authorized supplier and offer your products to our customers.

  • Do you have your own online store? Connect it to our platform
    Set up the redirection of buyers directly to your website for the purchase of products. It is possible to configure data exchange between applications to get up-to-date information about stock availability and cost.
  • Promotion

    Join the expert community, take part in webinars and train technology engineers. More than 100 enterprises and 1,500 machines are connected to our system in the cloud.

  • Search through the catalog of machines, devices and tools

    Look for the necessary positions of tooling by geometry, material and processing modes, compare your products with competitors.

  • Test certificates and certification
    Confirms the quality of your products and get feedback on your products to find new customers.
  • Automatic selection of tooling on the manufacturer's website
    Implement the module for automatic selection of machine tools based on a three-dimensional model of the part on your website using the module i5.Kit. (Alpha testing)